The “PELSOFT” Research, Development and Innovation Center of Balatonfured was founded in 2006 in Hungary. This is not only an IT R&D Center, but we develop complete solutions with positive psychology, dietetic, behavioral science, evidence based medicine and so on. Our mission is “Families in Virtual Space” and “Focus on Goals” because the family is the most important unity of the development of society. The main parts of activities consist of Mental Health R&D for Generation-Z, the Sport Analytics Solutions with Youth Sports Development, the eHealth Cloud Services with Prevention, Risk Analysis and the Data Interchange Solutions powered by InterSystems. All of our products are available as a Social HUB cloud service.




Generation Z in focus

Our research group deals not only with the research of the physical and mental health status and lifestyle habits of the youngsters of the Generation Z for a number of years, but also with developing related innovative IT systems.

May be any Life in Off-line?

Sex, Relationship, Family
Physical & Mental health
Fashion, Trend, Motivation
Sport, Fitness, Lifestyle
Learning, Working, Career
Stressful or Harmony Life
Healthy Nutrition in Practice

Choose the Balance!


  • The science of complex (simultaneous) analysis of sport-related data (measurement – processing – evaluation).
  • A scientific tool which is more and more essential in achieving exceptional successes in sports, as well as supporting sports management’s decisions.


mass & students sports
individual & team sports

youth sports development
competitive sports

data collection

decision preparation
knowledge base

Data Interchange System

Scalable Real time Connections
SOA, TCP, FTP, SMTP and Special types

Controlled Communication
Data Transformation & Multi-level Comm.

Standard Operation
IHE, EN13606, HL7, DICOM, Data Security

Multipurpose Applicability
Health & State Administration, Data Mining

Cost Effective
No paper, No add hardware, Easy operation

Powered by InterSystems Ensemble

e-Health Cloud

Healthcare Organization Support

Data collection & Decision preparation

Patient Tracking & Recording (EHR)

Prevention & Risk Analysis

Personalized & Advanced Health Plan

Virtual Telemedicine & Home nursing

Evidence-based Knowledge Base

For all types of Healthcare Providers




Thematic Social Network

Personalized Thematic Dashboard
On-line Support for Individual Goals

Continuous Monitoring & Feedback
Positive Psychology in Social Support

Track Changes & Score Trends of Progress
Safe & Limited Access in IT Cloud

Easy, Multipurpose & Age independent
Validated Up-to-Date Knowledge Base


InterSystems Global Summit 2017

In September 10-13, 2017 Palm Springs, CA – this year’s partner partnership and scientific conference of our US technology partner, – InterSystems Corporation – was held. This event was hosted by all the technology and solution vendors of InterSystems worldwide. We were the only ones whom represented Hungary and the V4 region at the conference with more than 600 participants. With our presence we represented not only our products, but also our home country for IT specialists from a number of countries around the world.

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